Tara Sellios

Tara Sellios balances some of our most deeply felt emotions with our darkest fears. Sickness, repulsion, and death vie with gluttony, luxury and beauty within a surprisingly traditional format. Utilising her drawing and painting training to sketch out these formal compositions, this gifted young artist continues the history of using still-life painting as a metaphor for our mortality. Sellios cleverly offsets the overt, dripping juice of raw meats, slimy guts and slaughtered creatures with the subtle beauty, irresistible color and clarity captured in these gorgeous large format photographic compositions. She was born in 1987 in Boston, where she is represented by Gallery Kayafas. She has exhibited showed her works at the Danforth Museum of Art a Framingham, JDC Fine Art in San Diego, Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Daniel Cooney Fine Art in New York, Michael Mazzeo Gallery in New York, Laconia Gallery in Boston.