Pietro Bellanca

Pietro Bellanca was born in Rome in 1942, where he graduated as Art Master in the section of sculpture by the Art Institute of  Pesaro in 1960. In 1965 he graduates  by the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, under the direction of the painter and engraver Mino Maccari. His style will be the result of the different influences of his time, in which he lives immersed. In 1971 he specializes in the engraving and graphic design under the direction of Albe Steiner, in the Highter Institute of Fine Arts of Marche (Urbino). He started his artistic career with twenty years old, in 1962. In the 90s he exhibited in different cities of Spain and finally he decided to settle in Ontinyent (Valencia), where he participates in varios exhibitions directed by Xus Francés and Maria Carballo. Pietro’s speech based on the Greek Mythology, inquiring about what is the origin of human beings and towards where are they going to. The uncertain destiny of the people in a constantly evolving contemporary society stands out in his work. For this, he will use multiple disciplines such as engraving, oil painting or sculpture. We find in his work flat compositions but with very bright and expressive colors, in which he clearly expresses the metaphor of Icarus, staged in birds or people in continuous movement (exodus) flying in multiple directions in constant search of their destiny, always with an exquisite and very clean minimalism.