Maurizio L'altrella

Maurizio L’Altrella was born in 1972 in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, where he lives and works. The material is configured in intimate stories that are archetypal model of reality, however, related to childhood, late  childhood, early adolescence and all the emotional baggage and imagery associated with them. I investigate the  possibility to call to conscience the affections and desires and translate them into images, saves snapshots fixing them in  visions. The interest is to dig into the subconscious memories of the atmosphere happy and not happy. The research  related to this work has evolved in relation to the painting technique. His work was treated by Galleria RvB Arts in Rome, Galleria Delle Battaglie in Brescia, Galleria Obraz in Milan, Galleria Arké in Milan. He also presented his research at Museum of the City in Bassano del Grappa and at Assab One in Milan.