Matteo Galvano

Matteo Galvano was born in Como on 3 January 1983. He graduated from the Art Institute in Cantù, where he dedicated his studies to the theory and practice of numerous artistic techniques and deepened his interest in the surprising use of an everyday tool: the ballpoint pen. Since 2002 his artistic research has evolved, together with his ability to use a pen: the high level of technical difficulty requires extreme precision in drawing, in making countless marks, and knowledge of the use of pen and ink on white cotton paper. This can be achieved only after very careful preparation of the project’s design. In 2010 Matteo travelled to New York. This journey marked a turning point in his artistic research, adding depth to his studies in architecture in the Como area. Since 2010 he has collaborated with the Estense Art Gallery in Cernobbio, which shows his works in a permanent exhibition.