Marco Besana

was born in Como in 1974. Since his teenage he dedicates himself as a self-taught artist to his great passion: photography. He perfects the learned techniques “in the field” by using a Nikon FM camera for his first tests. He starts a long amateur experience, during which he improves his technique by carrying the acquired expertise from analog photography to the digital one. In this new area he performs his first professional steps: in 2005 he attends a workshop set by “Spazio Formafoto” in Milan, he takes part to the first exhibitions, he contributes to the making of of clothing and furnishings advertisings. Furthermore, he deals with the pictures of many art catalogues and artists’ websites. He also mixes his art language with that of some painters in the Como and Milan areas and he cooperates with some architects of these areas by publishing pictures on trade magazines. Today he almost exclusively works with digital technology and he is inclined to conceptual and architectural photography other than still-lifes, by realizing both black & white images and photos with the most saturated and experimental colors possible. “Photography is drug and detoxification, essence and needless to me: an oxymoron that helps me bring life into focus”.