Marcella Chirico

Marcella Chirico studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome under professor Franco Gentilini. While studying she received several awards that allowed her to participate in many spontaneous exhibitions that took place in other Italian cities. In 2000 she began illustrating children’s books. Her artistic work begins with drawings and watercolours. She often represents the anxiety and fear caused by war, which are confirmed in the abstract faces and religious symbols she portrays, and which confer a mystical aura to her works. Over the years the artist has experimented with many different techniques, moving from meticulous collages made in the 1980s composed of tiny shreds of newspaper, painstakingly chosen to balance the composition with regard to colour and geometry, to decorative works on ceramics and wood. From the outset her pastel works on paper have represented the verticality of cities and were inspired by buildings and urban decay on the outskirts of Rome. Presently, the artist continues to focus on the theme of architectural verticality, specifically in New York City, producing mixed media works. Marcella Chirico participated in 2011 at the 54th Venice Biennale.