Federico Guida

Federico Guida’s artistic glance is permeated by suffused sarcasm, by a sneering grimace, by a regurgitation of the subtlest of ironies – an irony that becomes transversal when psychically frail subjects are involved, investigated against backgrounds that bring to mind vintage textures. Over time, his pictorial cycles have developed other stories, other imaginary worlds. The fencers have given rise to his latest output based on the compositional models of past pictorial masterpieces enriched by a cross-eyed vision where the brushstroke turns clothes into present day attires, subjects into the accomplices of a paradoxical and abrasive game – the whole thing supported by that art history culture that Federico Guida develops with a view to triggering a lateral movement and advancement of meaning. He was born in 1969. Lives and works in Milan. Representing gallery: Roberta Lietti in Como. His work was alto trated by Galleria Blu in Milan, First Gallery in Rome, Bonelli Arte in Milan; Galleria Davide Di Maggio in Milan; Timothy Yarger Fine Art in Los Angeles. Main museums that hosted his research: Pincoteca Civica in Como; Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome; Museo della Permanente in Milan; PAC in Milan; Stupinigi Palace in Turin; Palazzo della Ragione in Milan; Kunsthalle Wien.