Danilo Giannoni

was born in 1971. He lives and works in Hong Kong. He is represented by Eastation Gallery in Beijing and Hong Kong. He has exhibited in solo exhibitions at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, LA Artcore in Los Angeles, Kui Garden Gallery in Guangzhou, and SZX Gallery in Shenzhen. His work has also been presented at Casa Italia in Istanbul and at the Government Building in Istanbul. Danilo utilises an uncommon technique of painting on water, known as Ebru. By combining his knowledge of Ebru and studying many new methods, the artist has created a more modern and complex version of Ebru – using new materials and adding silhouettes and figures in the painting. Ebru is an ancient technique steeped in Turkish history. A shallow tank is filled with purified water, which is then naturally treated to acquire a dense consistency.  Various ink or paint colours are then carefully applied to the surface.  The floating colours are then manipulated by either using needles to gently stir the colours, or blowing on them directly, thus fanning the colours to achieve the swirls and concentrated circles. Finally, a sheet of paper, canvas or other material is laid onto the water surface to capture the floating design.