Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson’s colorful wall structures combine painting and sculpture into a unique minimalist art form. The sculptures begin their lives as solid blocks of polyurethane, which Thompson outlines with sweeping sketches before hand-grinding the pieces into their final eccentric and individual shapes. Each work is given a unique identity both in form and hue, such that no single color is repeated in Thompson’s sculpturally diverse oeuvre of work. With their luscious sheen, these monochromatic sculptures act as unique lenses, engaging and reflecting their surrounding environment. Born in 1957, he lives and worksin  Boston. He staged solo shows at Conny Dietzschold Gallery in Sydney, Galería Miguel Marcos in Barcellona, Margaret Thatcher Projects in New York, Galerie Renate Bender in Monaco, Ana Serratosa-Arte in Valencia, Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston, The White Gallery in Seoul.