Bellanca Fabrizio

was born in Rome in 1968. In his first artistic experiments, starting in 1989, he applied techniques deriving from metropolitan graffiti and writing onto canvas. They were characterised by strong colours and abstract forms. His love of experimentation and of new materials led him to use resin in his work; when applied liberally it created an extremely shiny, wet look that exalted the colours. Towards the end of the 1990s the artist began his investigation into action painting, working with oil paint on textured surfaces. His works ranged from figurative to abstract, but the true revolution in his work came in 2004 when he “discovered” steel plates as a medium; he began working on this new material with a Dremel™ utilising stone and diamond-wheel accessories, creating effects that are surprisingly similar to those of a pencil. His subjects are people, places and buildings, almost always on a large scale. His continual experimentation carried on into music when he accompanied the group Blue Silk in artistic/musical performances in which the sound of the rotary tool engraving the steel plate, accompanied by harp and electric guitar, created melodies. Presently, the artist continues his work on steel and aluminium plate, applying printing inks over colours for glass and Letraset™ transferable elements. Fabrizio Bellanca lives and works in Como where he is the owner of the graphic design studio “Fab”. Fabrizio Bellanca participated in 2011 in the 54° Venice Biennale.