Andrew Mowbray

Andrew Mowbray states:  “My primary interest in creating objects is most often based on a chosen set of histories, a goal of achievement, and functionality that helps fulfil a desire for understanding. This often is realized through a performance-type interaction with the object. I also recognize the location in which these interactions take place, and the history and constructs of these places and spaces. Sometimes the objects I’ve created respond to an uncontrollable set of external influences and record those variables. Within my work I find reoccurring themes of individuality, the context of the museum/gallery (white box), luck and chance, and the struggle to redefine contemporary masculinity.” In Boston he has staged solo exhibitions at Lamontagne Gallery, Space Other and Mills Gallery. He is also represented by Gallery Diet in Miami. His work has also been presented at Davis Museum in Wellesley, University of Minnesota and at the University of California.